• The Superintendents’ Association is the body appointed by the governing boards of the member districts to oversee the activities of the management office, executive director, legislative and other agency activities, and the two subsidiary committees. They meet on a monthly basis to collaborate, communicate and coordinate best practices efforts, share strategies to implement mandates, develop leadership skills to ensure effective and efficient implementation efforts to maximize resources.

  • The Curriculum Council is focused on articulation and collaboration among all Member Districts related to specific implementation of state and federal mandates. The Council meets on a regular basis to address curriculum development, share implementation strategies, work directly with multiple Divisions at the Arizona Department of Education to provide feedback and recommendations in a pro-active manner to ensure practical implementation of education policies under consideration, and work in a collaborative versus a competitive manner.

  • The Business Officials focus on implementation of new education policy and budget issues that impact local budgeting and finance issues. The Members work together to share their expertise and coordinate opportunities to provide feedback and recommendations in a pro-active manner to address proposals at the legislature and implementation through the Arizona Department of Education in a practical and realistic manner. This Committee meets on a regular basis to provide a format for discussion and interaction with multiple stakeholders. Our discussions address issues such as tax policy and implication to local school districts, staffing models and resources necessary to fund effective teaching and learning, and review economic indicators to predict future resources necessary to ensure a stable and sustainable revenue stream targeted at student academic success for all.

GPEMC is comprised of three divisions: