• Monthly Divisional Meetings
  • Pro-active focus on education policies and budget issues
  • Work together to implement cost-effective programs
  • Engage with the business community, parent organizations, policy and political entities, and other organizations focused on student academic achievement for all
  • Coordinate leadership and staff development opportunities to enhance teaching and learning
  • Focus on implementation of state and federal mandates by answering these questions:  What We Know;  What We Need to  Know; and What We Need to Do
  • Work collaboratively at the local, state and federal level to provide a practical and realistic process for implementation of education reforms to ensure a stable and seamless transition for students, parents, teachers, and educational leaders including coordinating with our business and community partners
  • Annual Superintendent Fall Workshop to develop legislative and academic consensus documents

About GPEMC (Guppy Mac)

Purpose & Goals

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Programs & Activities

Collaborating, communicating, and coordinating
activities focused on enhancing student
academic achievement since 1974. 

The Greater Phoenix Educational Management Council (GPEMC) is a collaborative effort of 43 school districts equally shared among all of the member districts with the specific purpose of enhancing student academic achievement.

GPEMC is formed through an Intergovernmental Agreement approved by governing boards. We represent over 250,000 students.​

We believe education is an investment in our children’s future. ​

The Council represents:

  • Students in need of a quality education;​
  • Students preparing for college and career readiness;
  • Students preparing for life experiences and lifelong learning.

Our PURPOSE is to plan, organize and provide the opportunity for collaboration among our Member Districts and with other organizations to enhance the educational opportunities for ALL students.

Our GOAL is increased student academic achievement for ALL.

Focus on our COMMITMENT​:

The Why

Strengthen our LEADERSHIP:

The Who

Develop our STRATEGY:

The How

​​​Redefining Ready:
College, Career, Life
Knowledge, Disposition, Skills